New Album Release “Le Rêve” – “The Dream”


With this studio album, my goal was to design a musical vision of the place where I am longing to be – a place where I can share the things of real value in this life, with you, the listener. That is my dream, Le Rêve. I wanted to create a fresh sound of Latin Jazz music mixed with the feel of Fusion and other styles while capturing the positive spirit and story behind each song selection. The Brazilian songs, and in particular the Bossa Novas, represent my favorite style, and when I perform the Samba, I feel completely relaxed and like a “fish in water” as the songs of Antonio Carlos Jobim resonate with me in an essential way.  It is difficult to put into words all my gratitude to my husband, Zdenek Kansky for the tireless effort he put into this album as a composer, producer, arranger, bass player, and recording engineer. This collaboration with my husband reminds me of the story of Adam and Eve in that an allegory can be made that my original composition ” Le Rêve” was created from the rib of my husband’s  “Upright bassInspiration”.

I am so glad that these two compositions are in this album. I am especially grateful for Zdenek’s wonderful timeless gift of the song “For Christie”. This album is a beautiful marriage of two soulmates collaborating through their own musical influences and sharing life together. Without you, Zdenek, I couldn’t see my dream, Le Rêve, come to life – you are my inspiration and the greatest love of my life. My immense gratitude goes out to all the musicians and each engineer who participated in creating the dreamy quality of these amazing tracks. Thank you all for adding your own personal touch to this album. Special thanks go out to Yan and her husband for the incredible pictures, and to Diego for his inspiration with the visual art of the album. Le Rêve – it is indeed a dream come true!