Bachelor of Music in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music

I am a founder and director of ZCK Music Production. I am a composer and songwriter and I am helping new artist to work on their craft and produce, orchestrate and arrange original music. I teach vocal technique, including diaphragmatic breathing, vocal exercises and vocal execution. I also work on performance skills for concerts and theatre as well as auditions. I am a professional piano player, and I give piano lessons as well. I offer piano lessons that are individually structured for each student, starting from beginners through advance. I offer teaching based on the curriculum of Royal Conservatory Development Program.

ZCK MUSIC PRODUCTION is affiliated with the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program which provides a recognized national standard of success in music study from beginner to advanced levels. It inspires excellence through individual student assessments that are central to the program, while also supporting teachers with high-quality and innovative resources.

ZCK MUSIC PRODUCTION gives partial scholarships to highly motivated and gifted students. Our tip on keeping students inspired is to give them the responsibility for their music. We show them how to make their instrument sound as good, as early as possible. We try to empower them to teach themselves. Music is one of those vocations that gets into your blood and keeps you dreaming throughout your life. Our students start to compose and express themselves, and we help them to create a personal approach based on technique and imagination. We specialize in different styles of music such as Pop, R&B, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Folk, and Classical...

Christie Kanska Students